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Aerobic Fitness FAQ
Over 700 patterns for your aerobic classes.
Teaching aerobic dance to the hearing impaired.
Warm-up & Cool-down: are they really necessary?
Using hand weights while stepping
Stepping: how fast is too fast?
Stepping: what tempos are recommended for which fitness levels?
I do aerobics; why should I do strength training?
Does using handweights during aerobic exercise increase the aerobic intensity of the workout?
How high should my step be?
How can I preferentially burn fat?
Will I burn more fat if I exercise in the morning on an empty stomach?

General Fitness

How much exercise should I do?
Do I need a stress test?
What are healthy bodyfat levels?
The faq is available by anonymous ftp.
Bill Whedon's Fitness Page
The Internet's Fitness Resource Lots of links.
American College of Sports Medicine
The National Sports Medicine Institute of the UK: exercise physiology & fitness testing, sports nutrition.
Fitness Zone Interactive Library
Peak Performance Web Page

Resistance Training

The abdominal-training faq is maintained by Tim Mansfield.
More Challenging Abs
Bobbie's Bodacious Abs
All about squats
What's so bad about situps, anyway?
What do you burn during anaerobic exercise?

Flexibility Training

The stretching and flexibility faq is maintained by Brad Appleton and is also available by anonymous ftp.

Special Interest

Masters Athlete Physiology & Performance
Weight Training and Children
Exercise during pregnancy
Running on Full, running during pregnancy.
Ow! My shins hurt
Jumping in Volleyball


What is the difference between calories from fat and calories from other sources?
Nutrition Analysis Tool

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